City of Glendora

Water Utility Worker Trainee

Onsite - Glendora, CA
Application Deadline: 4/21/24


This recruitment is for individuals with little to no relevant work experience in a Water Utility services. Individuals selected for this position will be hired under the classification Water Utility Worker Trainee. This is a trainee position to help jumpstart individuals with an interest in Distribution and/or Customer Service. Incumbents must qualify for promotion within 12 months of hire or be terminated. ***Grade D1 Water Distribution Operator Certificate is highly desired***


The City of Glendora has a new trainee program for eager and hardworking individuals looking to begin a fulfilling career in Water! Our Water Utility Worker Trainees will be provided training, guidance, and set on a path to promote within the Public Works Department Water Division. Whether you see yourself in Water Distribution or Water Customer Service this position will generate opportunities for your ideal career. If you are excited about providing value to the community through public service and flourish in a learning environment, we invite your application! 

Some of the typical duties of the Water Utility Worker Trainee/I/II include but are not limited to the following:

When assigned to Distribution: 

  1. Performs semi-skilled and skilled duties related to the construction, installation, service, maintenance, and repair of existing and new water mains, services, pipelines, valves, hydrants, trench shoring and related services.
  2. Cuts, fits, and lays water distribution pipes; inspects, tests, and operates valves, fittings, and related water distribution equipment; inspects water projects for leaks, decayed pipes, and spills. 
  3. Performs a full range of water meter maintenance duties; removes broken or older water meters; installs new water meters, meter boxes, and meter covers.
  4. Keeps trucks stocked with equipment, supplies, and materials; sets up and tears down work zones; sets up traffic control including safety devices, signs, and barricades, and directs traffic around worksites; ensures safety of public and work crews. 
  5. Assists in performing Underground Service Alert (USA Dig-Alert) underground utility line locating; verifies all utilities are properly marked prior to excavation; assists in locating service lines, main water lines, and approximate site of leaks; assesses leaks and determines appropriate course of action; excavates concrete, pavement, and soil materials; makes necessary repairs to water lines and services; digs and backfills open trenches with appropriate material.
  6. Operates a variety of light, medium, and heavy-duty equipment, such as skip loaders, dump trucks, backhoes, welding equipment, and other power-driven equipment; cleans and performs routine maintenance and repairs on equipment; uses jackhammers, shovels, compressors, and a variety of hand and power tools.
  7. Performs a full range of maintenance and repair duties on water facilities including cleaning and flushing of water pipelines to ensure water quality as necessary.
  8. Responds to after-hours emergencies and assists other staff or the public as needed in emergency or relief situations; performs on-call, stand by duty as needed.
  9. Ensures valves and hydrants are in proper working condition; repairs fire hydrants and flow testing related equipment; performs tests as needed; assists in scheduling daily service and repair work. 
  10. Performs turn-ons and shutoffs; responds to water quality complaints, as necessary.
  11. Maintains records of basic operation, maintenance, and work performed. 
  12. Assists in coordinating system shutdowns; assists with coordinating construction and repairs with customers, utility agencies, City departments, and underground service alert personnel; inspects installations of water facilities in new construction projects.
  13. Assists water production and field customer service staff in related activities.
  14. Performs other duties as assigned.

When assigned to Customer Service: 

  1. Performs a variety of semi-skilled work to inspect, troubleshoot, maintain, repair, remove, and replace radio read water meters, meter transmitter units, meter boxes, and related equipment; observes condition of meter or other unusual conditions relative to need for repair; maintains meters, boxes, lids, and landscape around meter boxes; installs water meters; replaces, activates, and deactivates meters and registers; ensures meters are transmitting accurate readings; reprograms meter registers.
  2. Reviews meter readings to ensure readings are accurate and current; runs calculations to verify water usage and averages; observes, investigates, and reports high water consumption issues and water use violations to supervisory staff and customers; evaluates meter reading discrepancies and recommends resolution; records readings and maintains meter history logs and related records; submits water utilization information to water billing staff; inspects and tests meters, and performs meter repair and replacement work in the field.
  3. Investigates and responds to customer complaints; checks for water leaks and broken meters; advises customers of water leaks on their properties; advises customers when an obstruction prevents reading of meter, and/or when service shut-offs may be required for maintenance purposes; turns on and turns off water supplies to properties; assists customers in resolving water volume and pressure problems; responds to inquiries related to water quality such as odor or color; performs emergency turn-ons; responds to “no water” complaints; notifies customers when service is to be shut off due to delinquent accounts; refers customers to the proper City personnel if additional information is requested.
  4. Assists in the monitoring, compliance, and inspection of the City’s backflow testing and cross connection control programs to ensure safe water and comply with California Health Department regulations; maintains records of backflow devices and testing performed; prepares and mails backflow testing forms to property owners; prepares follow-up correspondence and contacts property owners regarding their backflow testing compliance efforts; inputs backflow test results information into a database; reviews backflow test results from third party vendors; may turn water supply off for customers who fail to comply.
  5. Performs flushing throughout the distribution system to ensure water quality per SWRCB guidelines.
  6. Per the City valve exercise program performs valve turning to meet SWRCB guidelines. 
  7. Performing Underground Service Alert (USA Dig-Alert) underground utility line locating; verifies all utilities are properly marked prior to excavation; assists in locating service lines, main water lines
  8. Performs turn-ons and shutoffs; responds to water quality complaints as necessary.
  9. Assists water production and distribution staff in related activities.
  10. Operates a variety of equipment, such as handheld devices, work truck, forklift, welding equipment, and a variety of hand and power tools and equipment related to the work assignment.
  11. Responds to after-hours emergencies and assists other City departments, staff, or the public as needed in emergency or relief situations; performs on-call, stand by duty as needed.
  12. Reads and interprets maps and diagrams in the performance of the work.
  13. Observes and complies with City and mandated safety rules, regulations, and protocols.
  14. Performs other duties as assigned.

Recruiter Information:

City of Glendora Human Resources