City of Redlands

Water Production Operations Supervisor

Onsite - Redlands, CA
Application Deadline: 5/20/24


$44.89 – $57.33 Hourly

$3,591.50 – $4,586.38 Biweekly

$7,781.58 – $9,937.17 Monthly

$93,379.00 – $119,246.00 Annually

Under general direction, to plan, schedule, supervise and participate in the operation and maintenance of the City’s water production, treatment, and storage facilities; to assign and review the work of crews involved in the operation and maintenance of production facilities; and to assist with additional utilities projects; and provide staff support to the Municipal Utilities Water Operations Manager and other Utilities Department managerial staff. Exercises direct supervision over assigned staff.

Examples of duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Supervises, schedules and directs personnel in a wide variety of activities and work relating to the operation of water treatment plants;
  • Assists in the setting of flow rates and chemical dosages utilized in water production, treatment, and storage;
  • Establishes goals, objectives, schedules, and methods for maintenance of water production facilities;
  • Implements policies and procedures;
  • Maintains water production operational and organizational records;
  • Participates in the maintenance of daily water production, consumption, and storage records;
  • Prepares and submits detailed maintenance records of water quality as required by Federal, State law and local regulatory agencies;
  • Prepares and submits compliance reports to regulatory agencies;
  • Supervises and participates in the expansion of existing facilities and the construction of new water production, treatment, and storage facilities and instrumentation systems;
  • Assists with expansion and construction planning;
  • Participates in budget preparation and administration;
  • Prepares cost estimates for budget recommendations;
  • Submits justifications for purchase of additional supplies and equipment;
  • Monitors and controls expenditures;
  • Coordinates with water quality staff the planning of the daily collection and analysis of water samples to determine water quality;
  • Reads and interprets drawings, blueprints, and specifications;
  • Inspects completed projects, systems, and installations for compliance with plans and specifications as prepared;
  • Organizes projects in accordance with available personnel, equipment, and materials;
  • Assigns proper personnel and equipment for desired results;
  • Provides recommendations for upgrading systems, equipment, and techniques;
  • Develops field techniques to increase efficiency and reduce costs;
  • Maintains the inventory of operational supplies;
  • Recommends the requisition or reorder of replacements as required;
  • Recommends materials, supplies and equipment for acquisition;
  • Determines type and quantity needed;
  • Prepares, maintains, and presents routine progress reports and other special reports as requested;
  • Supervises, trains, and evaluates assigned personnel; and
  • Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • Five years of responsible experience in the operation, maintenance, and construction of water production, treatment, and storage facilities, including two years of lead or supervisory experience.


  • Equivalent to a high school diploma supplemented by college level course work in engineering, water treatment and operations, water distribution, or a related field. For coursework complete outside of the US an official equivalent is required. 

Licenses and Certificates:

  • Possession of, or the ability to obtain and maintain a valid class California drivers license at the time of appointment;
  • Possession of a Grade T3 Water Treatment Operator Certificate issued by the California State Water Resources Control Board;
  • Grade T4 Water Treatment Operator Certificate issued by the California State Water Resources Control Board within 9 months of appointment;  
  • Grade T5 Certificate is desirable.
  • Possession of a Grade D3 Water Distribution Operator Certificate issued by the California State Water Resources Control Board;
  • Grade D4 Water Distribution Operator Certificate issued by the California State Water Resources Control Board within 9 months of appointment.   

Special Requirements:

Essential functions and duties require the following physical abilities and work environment:

  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, crouch, stoop, squat, crawl, twist, climb, and lift 40 lbs.;
  • Exposure to heat, noise, outdoors, vibration, confining work space, chemicals, explosive materials, mechanical hazards, and electrical hazards;
  • Ability to travel to different sites and locations;
  • Must carry a City cell phone at all times and be able to respond to call outs as necessary; assist in monitoring of the SCADA system remotely through the use of a City laptop computer.

Recruiter Information:

Julie Maher