City of Redmond, Oregon

Wastewater Collection System Supervisor

Onsite - Redmond, OR
Application Deadline: 5/31/24

POSITION: Wastewater Collection System Supervisor

The Wastewater Collection System Supervisor supervises 5 staff in the operations and maintenance of the City of Redmond’s 160+ miles of collection system piping, lift stations and the storm water system. Detailed duties are noted in the job description posted on

It’s an exciting time to join the City of Redmond Wastewater Team. The City is currently finalizing the design of a new $83M Water Pollution Control Facility, the Redmond Wetlands Complex. The City is planning for the Redmond Wetlands Complex to be open to the public and have over 10 miles of trails, 150 acres of wetlands, and a wet science education center.

Come work with us and enjoy everything Central Oregon has to offer.

Check out the Redmond Wetlands Complex at this link:

*This recruitment is to fill one position. To be considered qualified, an applicant must meet the minimum requirements noted within the Wastewater Collection Supervisor job description*


An online application for the position is available at this link:

Complete applications must be submitted through the online application process by Friday, May 31, 2024.

The final candidate selected for a position will be required to pass a background check.

Recruiter Information:

Hailey Looney