San Dieguito Water District

The Water Resource Specialist

Onsite - Encinitas, CA
$75K - $125K Annually
Application Deadline: 5/12/24

The Water Resource Specialist provides legislative review and recommendations, support and assistance to the Public Works Director / San Dieguito Water District General Manager; accomplishes a wide array of administrative projects and tasks; negotiates and administers various contracts, including vendor and inter-agency contracts. The Water Resource Specialist is responsible for designing, planning, implementing, and maintaining various water utilities related programs and activities, including current and long-term planning activities, budget preparation, analyzing usage data for trends, and conservation and community outreach.

Essential Duties:

(These duties are a representative sample; position assignments may vary.)

  • Plans, organizes, and oversees all aspects of assigned programs, including legal and regulatory compliance; coordinates with the public, private businesses, governmental agencies, and other water districts including Metropolitan Water District and County Water Authority as needed
  • Performs a variety of professional-level research, administrative, and analytical duties for completing Water Loss Report, SWRCB Monthly Usage Report, Consumer Confidence Report, Electronic Annual Report and Urban Water Management Plan in accordance with state and federal guidelines and meets deadline dates.
  • Plan, direct, coordinate and participate in studies related to Water Supply and Conservation.
  • Develops and implements goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for assigned services and programs; identifies resource needs; recommends and implements policies and procedures, including standard operating procedures for assigned areas.
  • Stays informed of pending water laws, codes, regulations, and procedures, analyzes potential impacts; and makes recommendations for the revision or adoption of District’s policies and ordinance provisions to District management.
  • Engages local, state, and federal representatives on proposed legislation, including writing comment letters, attending meetings, and collaborating with lobbyists.
  • Develops and executes detailed program marketing plans, including reviewing, proposing, and developing program literature and outreach materials.
  • Develops and standardizes procedures and methods to improve and continuously monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of assigned programs, service delivery methods, and procedures; identifies opportunities for improvement and makes recommendations to the Public Works Director/SDWD General Manager.
  • Develops and implements, as directed, a wide variety of District water conservation programs including public awareness, community involvement or internal communication projects. Designs, develops and creates program supporting materials.
  • Coordinates and monitors annual, long range, and administration and oversight of conservation and outreach program budgets. 
  • Researches, identifies and assists in writing and managing grants and proposals for conservation program funding; prepares applications for national and state awards for District conservation programs and projects.
  • Responds to requests for information and concerns from citizens, contractors, developers, and/or other interested parties related to water conservation, water supply, water quality and regulatory compliance.
  • Provides complex troubleshooting and recommendations to customers and property owners on water usage and conservation techniques, equipment improvements and other methods of achieving more efficient water use. Applies irrigation and landscape design concepts in developing recommendations for improved water usage. 
  • Monitors availability of efficient and approved water saving devices, rebate programs and conservation materials. 
  • Researches new technologies to assist in water conservation.
  • Collects a variety of data related to District water conservation efforts. Evaluates, analyzes and compiles reports from results.
  • Writes staff reports and makes presentations to the District Board of Directors, community, schools, individual customers, and other groups on conservation/education issues, water supply, and federal and state water regulatory issues. Develops presentations, displays, demonstrations, and other materials for the public and District officials.
  • Acts as a point of contact in the development and provision of information for press releases and media inquiry.
  • Represents the District and makes oral presentations on the District’s behalf at community, State and Local government and special interest meetings, public events, and other engagements. Schedules and coordinates meetings, events, and appointments.
  • Develops and maintains working relationships with the Metropolitan Water District, San Diego County Water Authority and other water agency staff on water resource issues including conservation, water supply and regulatory related matters. Keeps abreast of regional conservation and education technologies and programs and recommends, develops and coordinates implementation of such programs with other agencies.
  • Coordinates content for the District website and develops material to be presented via news releases, newsletters, website, social media, and other printed material to meet District’s objectives. 
  • Coordinates and works with other staff to maintain current and relevant information for District customers. Coordinates and regularly updates the District’s social media presence in correspondence to meet District objectives.
  • Provides instruction and training to co-workers regarding water conservation best practices and state and federal drinking water regulations.
  • Prepares the Best Management Practices (BMPS) Annual Report for the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC).
  •  Makes recommendations for prioritizing water conservation programs based on a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Collects, analyzes and reports on data related to District water sales, water purchases and water losses.
  • Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

 The ideal candidate will have knowledge of:

  • Federal, and State drinking water/recycled water regulations and requirements for reporting and permitting.
  • Principles and practices of public administration and municipal government management;
  • Management and leadership principles;
  • Principles, practices and techniques for design and implementation of water conservation programs and resources including public information outreach and community programs;
  • Organizational and management practices as applied to analysis, evaluation, and development of programs, policies and procedures in assigned area of responsibility;
  • Customer service principles; 
  • Project management principles;
  • Applicable federal, state, and local codes, laws, regulations, and ordinances;
  • Principles and practices of landscape water budgeting;
  • Basic research and statistical analysis practices;
  • Report writing techniques;
  • English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  • Principles of public speaking;
  • Principles and practices of landscape irrigation;
  • Marketing and public relations principles and practices;
  • Budgeting principles;
  • Principles of education and teaching.

The ideal candidate will have skill in:

  • Providing customer service;
  • Providing leadership;
  • Providing public relations;
  • Managing projects;
  • Managing multiple priorities simultaneously;
  • Giving presentations and speaking in public;
  • Analyzing and developing policies and procedures;
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations;
  • Interpreting and applying applicable laws, rules, and regulations;
  • Analyzing problems, identifying alternative solutions, projecting consequences of proposed actions, and implementing recommendations in support of goals;
  • Preparing and administering budgets;
  • Planning, analyzing, and evaluating programs and services, operational needs, and fiscal constraints;
  • Using a computer and related software applications;
  • Communicating clearly and concisely, orally and in writing, to a variety of groups and audiences;
  • Preparing reports;
  • Designing and creating materials related to water conservation including flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc. for the use of public education and/or community involvement;
  • Conducting mathematical calculations related to water surveys/audits;
  • Applying basic research methods;
  • Understanding, interpreting, explaining and applying District and Federal, State and local laws, regulations and programs applicable to water conservation programs and requirements;
  • Maintain effective relationships with those encountered in the course of the work;
  • Performing work in accordance with safety regulations, guidelines, and practices.

 Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Education, Public Relations, Communications, Environmental Science or related field, plus five (5) years’ experience in public management (preferably local government) including three (3) years of experience in water resource issues such as water supply, federal and state water regulations, water conservation, education, communications or environmentally-related work, or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.

Licensing Requirements (position requirements at entry):

  • Valid California Driver’s License.
  • Possession of an AWWA Water Use Efficiency Grade 1 Practitioner Certification is desired. 
  • Possession of a landscape irrigation auditor certification is desired.

Recruiter Information:

Lisa Roner