Glendale Water & Power

Senior Water Quality Specialist

Onsite - Glendale, CA
$50K - $100K Annually
Application Deadline: 6/14/24


This position is responsible for more complex duties in evaluating, testing, analyzing data and making recommendations relative to water quality issues, cross-connection, water production and disinfection systems.

Essential functions of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:

Ensures Department services are provided with exceptional customer service and the highest level of ethical standards. 

Coordinates the collection and analysis of water samples from Glendale Water and Power’s (GWP) distribution system, including groundwater wells, treatment plants, and storage facilities to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local water quality regulations.

Schedules and performs routine field and laboratory water quality tests of source and treated water, including, but not limited to tests for disinfection, nitrification and microbiological contamination to ensure safety of drinking water.

Assists in training new employees in all activities performed by the Water Quality Group.

Compiles sample data, test results and logs of water quality activities. Interprets water quality analysis results.

Conducts studies, keeps records and prepares periodic reports for submission to appropriate regulatory agencies such as Division of Drinking Water, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Water Quality Control Board, Environmental Protection Agency, Los Angeles County of Public Health and Watermaster.

Develops policies and procedures regarding water quality monitoring, sampling, and operations.

Performs research and studies of water quality and assists staff on special projects.

Receives and responds to inquiries and concerns from the general public by conducting field investigations and communicating with citizens and customers regarding water quality issues.

Provides technical support for the operation of water treatment facilities, calculates chemical dosages needed in treatment plant operation.

Coordinates and assigns tasks related to GWP’s Cross Connection Control and Recycled Water Programs.

Assists in maintaining groundwater well chlorinators.

Performs and assigns tasks related to maintenance of Chloramine Residual Control Systems.

Makes calculations for dosing water storage facilities and pipelines with calcium and sodium hypochlorite.

Climbs in and out of trenches, construction excavations and utility vaults.

Climbs ladders on facilities greater than 40 feet in height.

Makes simple mathematical calculations as required.

Generates water quality tracking and reports. Reviews accuracy of collected data.

Assists with hands-on sampling and dosing activities as needed.

May have the opportunity to participate in related divisional cross-training efforts.

Experience and qualifications gained in this cross-training may apply towards promotional opportunities and transfers.

Coordinates and assigns work to others in the collection of water samples, provides feedback to the Water Quality Manager on staff performance.

Represents GWP at meetings with other City Departments and outside agencies on water quality and other environmental regulatory issues.

Responsible for the success of the water quality program area to which they are assigned.

Maintains knowledge of other program areas to provide coverage and support as needed.

Plans, monitors, orders, receives Water Quality Section chemicals and supplies and verifies accuracy of invoices.

Assumes responsibility for ensuring the duties of the position are performed in a safe and efficient manner.

Drives on City business.

Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation requires.



Four years of experience in the water industry operations, environmental field, laboratory analysis, field sampling or a related field.


Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health, Biology, Chemistry or a related field.

A Master’s Degree in a related field is desirable.


Valid Class C California driver’s license.

A Water Distribution Operator Grade 3 (D3) and a Treatment Operator Grade 3 (T3) issued by the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water.

A Cross-Connection Control Program Specialist Certificate or Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester is desirable.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:

Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations relating to drinking water and recycled water.

Methods and techniques for record keeping and report preparation.

Occupational hazards and standard safety practices.

Principles and methods of water testing, methods and techniques of scheduling work assignments.

Proper English, spelling and grammar.

Knowledge of and skill in:

Exceptional customer service practices.

Ability to:

Provide exceptional customer service to those utilizing GWP Department services. 

Climb in and out of trenches, construction excavations and utility vaults.

Climb ladders on facilities greater than 40 feet in height.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both in orally and in writing.

Coordinate the work of others engaged in operations and routine maintenance activities.

Effectively work independently and as part of a team.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships. Interpret, explain and apply applicable laws, codes and regulations relating to water quality.

Interpret water sampling and testing equipment.

Make sound decisions within established guidelines.

Model and practice the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Observe safety principles and work in a safe manner.

Organize, prioritize and follow-up on work assignments.

Perform research on water quality matters.

Prepare complex reports on water and environmental regulations.

Read, interpret and record data accurately.

Review, understand, and determine applicability of water and other environmental regulations to the water system.

Work effectively in the absence of supervision.

Skill in:

Operating a variety of basic water testing and related equipment in an effective and safe manner.

Operating an office computer and proficiently using a variety of database, spreadsheets and word processing software applications.

Other Characteristics

Willingness to:

Assume responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment.

Attain and hold the required certification(s) as required for each classification.

Work the necessary hours and times, including overtime, to accomplish goals, objectives and required tasks. .

Promotional Eligibility

Any City of Glendale employee who meets the minimum qualifications for this position, has completed probation or six months of City employment, and is occupying a permanent full-time classification on file in the Human Resources Department. Hourly City employees may be considered, provided that they furnish proof of continuous employment immediately preceding the final filing date, which would equal a minimum of six months of full-time service or 1040 part-time hours. (Civil Service Rule VIII 4-E).


An equivalent combination of experience, education and/or training may substitute for the listed minimum requirements.

Exceptional Customer Service Policy

The City of Glendale places a high importance on quality customer service and prides itself for the high level of services it provides by every employee of the organization. As employees of the City of Glendale, we are committed to providing our diverse community and each other with courteous, considerate, and personal attention.

Please click on the link to read the Exceptional Customer Service Policy.