Padre Dam Municipal Water District

Recycled Water Operator - Certified

Onsite - Santee, CA
$50K - $100K Annually
Application Deadline: 2/18/24


Padre Dam & The East County Advanced Water Purification Project is seeking two applicants interested in working at our current Water Recycling Facility. We are looking for  experienced candidates that already hold a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification Grade II or higher. Over the next five years, this site will be developed into a 16 MGD Water Reclamation Plant with 11.5 MGD being treated at an advanced level. This is an exciting project and we are looking for dedicated employees who will embrace change and commit to running a world class facility.

When you are hired, you will be responsible for monitoring, maintaining and operating a Class 4 Biological Nutrient Removal Process, Advanced Tertiary and Disinfection treatment plant, and Advanced Water Purification facilities to ensure proper treatment of wastewater and supply tertiary treated recycled water to the distribution system and lakes. You will also be responsible for ensuring customers receive adequate recycled water without health risks and for repairing and maintaining the plant facilities and related equipment. 

Duties include: performing skilled repairs and preventive maintenance on equipment and systems found in sedimentation tanks, biological nutrient removal processes, flocculation/sedimentation tanks, biological filtration and disinfection by chlorination systems; ordering and receiving chemicals and supplies, taking and processing laboratory samples; analyzing test results and implementing appropriate adjustments to the treatment processes as well as operating automated and telemetry controls; , monitoring Santee Lakes and San Diego River downstream of the discharge; repairing and rebuilding pumps; monitoring and repairing SCADA System; repairing and upgrading electrical system; performing mechanical repairs; upgrading and repairing computer/instrumentation; assuring the accuracy of discharge reports and reliability of monitoring and treatment equipment; and performing such other work as may be required.  

Essential Duties

1.     Performs plant process control and laboratory tests by taking samples, analyzing the results and making routine adjustments to the operation of a biological nutrient removal process, advanced tertiary and disinfection process to ensure established operational parameters are met.

2.     Computes operating parameters and makes decisions on required changes to the treatment process; operates and makes adjustments to the recycling facility by making chemical feed adjustments and monitoring pumping and flow rates.

3.     Troubleshoots and performs preventive and general maintenance on plant equipment, facilities and grounds, including instrumentation calibration, pump and motor dismantling, rebuilding, upgrading, painting, washing down facilities, and general housekeeping.

4.     Plans, organizes and oversees equipment maintenance requirements to insure proper operational treatment and reliability; utilizes a computerized maintenance management program to perform the necessary record keeping and tracking.

5.     Analyzes automatic plant control requirements, plans and implements computer and programmable logic controller configurations and performs file backup procedures.

6.     Controls inventory; orders and receives materials, equipment and supplies; including hazardous chemicals, consistent with Padre Dam’s purchasing policy.           

7.     Operates recycled water pump stations to insure continuous flow to customers and treatment processes. 

8.     Performs various laboratory tests which include analyzing samples for plant process control, lake water, river basin and storm water. Analyzes, evaluates and interprets test results;  Prepares documentation and data for use in regulatory reports and other documents as directed.

9.     Guides tours, informs visitors and makes presentations to community groups on the value, treatment methods and need for water recycling.

10.  Responds to hazardous materials discharge incidents as a Level A First Responder, technician level which includes entering and working in confined spaces, wearing SCBA respirator gear and respirator protection, wearing a Level A suit and a safety harness.

11.  Performs other duties of a similar nature or level as needed

12.  Operates and maintains Advanced Water Purifications demonstration facilities. Basic understanding of free chlorine disinfection, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection.

13.  Operates tractor or heavy equipment in treatment plant related work.

14.  Participates in rotational shifts including weekends, holidays, and on-call/stand-by duties as required. 

15.  Performs chemical change outs of chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide gas, methanol, aluminum sulfate and other various hazardous chemicals used at a wastewater treatment facility.

16.  Performs minor to complex fabrication of parts and tools

17.  Able to understand and adhere to requirements set forth in the NPDES permit.

Knowledge, Skills, Training, Experience & Licensing


  • Basic mathematics;
  • Basic related theories and principles such as Chemistry, Microbiology, Water or Wastewater technology;
  • Basic safety procedures and practices;
  • Basic principles of valves, meters, pumps and the operation of pumps;
  • Proper sampling techniques highly desirable;
  • Basic electronic and electrical principles and practices.


  • Use of hand tools and small motorized tools;
  • Operating valves and motors;
  • Using computers and related software applications;
  • Ability to perform basic mechanical repairs;
  • Communication, interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with coworkers, supervisor, etc. sufficient to exchange or convey information and to receive work direction.

Training and Experience:

  • High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.);
  • Three years of related basic repair and maintenance experience; OR
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.

Licensing Requirements

  • Valid California Driver’s License;
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Grade II or higher required, 
  • Hazmat Level A Technician Level within one year from date of hire.

Supplemental Information

As part of the East County Advanced Water Purification Project (ECAWP), Padre Dam is entering into an Administrative and Operating Services Agreement (Agreement) with the East County CAWP Joint Powers Authority (JPA). Padre Dam, as the contracted Administrator and Operator, will provide management, administrative, operations, maintenance and similar or related services for JPA owned ECAWPAWP facilities. The Administrator and Operator functions will require Padre Dam to hire additional personnel for the development period of the project, or until the Agreement to provide those services is otherwise terminated or not extended. Once the Agreement is terminated or expires, Padre Dam will no longer need the additional personnel and will no longer have the funding to support additional personnel. ECAWP Project Funded Employees will be specifically hired as employees for the duration of time that the District is providing Administrative and Operating Services, but those employees may perform any work for the District within their employment classification, not just work under the Agreement. ECAWP Project Funded Employees will be provided the same rights and benefits as other Permanent Padre Dam Employees, and be hired into the same classifications with the same salaries, except with respect to termination of employment if Padre Dam ceases to provide Administrator or Operator services to ECAWP. The current Agreement is for a period of approximately ten years. External applicants will be considered contract employees. 

Recruiter Information:

Human Resources