Fallbrook Public Utility District

Maintenance Technician I/II

Onsite - Fallbrook, CA
Application Deadline: 8/1/24

PLEASE NOTE: This recruitment will remain open until the position is filled. A first review of applications will take place August 1, 2024. So, for earliest consideration, please submit an employment application and supplemental questionnaire online before this date.



Maintenance Technician I

18 = No Certification = $37.08 – $46.32

19 = Plant Maintenance Technologist I or Mechanical Technologist I = $38.01 – $47.47

20 = Plant Maintenance Technologist I or Mechanical Technologist I + Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I = $38.96 – $48.66

 Maintenance Technician II

21 = No Certification = $39.94 – $49.87

22 = Plant Maintenance Technologist I or Mechanical Technologist I + Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I = $40.93 – $51.13

23 = Mechanical Technologist II + Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I = $41.96 – $52.40

24 = Mechanical Technologist II + Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I + CWEA EIT Grade 1 = $43.01 – $53.71


This series specification describes two classes that perform varied potable, recycled and wastewater equipment maintenance and mechanical work; a variety of routine facility and grounds maintenance and landscaping duties; building electrical and lighting maintenance, and pump and motor maintenance; reads, records and reports readings; cleans and maintains equipment along with repairs and performs related work as required.


Maintenance Technician I 

The Maintenance Technician I performs the maintenance and mechanical tasks involving the use of hand tools and motorized equipment; performs grounds keeping and janitorial work, including herbicide/pesticide application and tree trimming; performs routine preventative maintenance tasks related to pumps, motors, and various mechanical equipment; provides assistance with complex electrical and mechanical installation and maintenance tasks and engages in on-the-job training.

Maintenance Technician II

Positions at the Maintenance Technician II level are regularly assigned to perform semiskilled and skilled tasks in the maintenance and operation of the District’s water and wastewater systems. Incumbents at this level operate a variety of light and moderately heavy equipment to perform routine maintenance and mechanical tasks, including routine maintenance of pumps, motors, electrical and mechanical equipment. Incumbents are assigned maintenance where they are expected to have sufficient skill and knowledge to work productively and safely without constant direction and supervision.

Examples of Duties

Maintenance Technician I 

  • Installs and maintains mechanical equipment and components including pumps, electric motors, and miscellaneous valves and piping configurations;
  • Performs grounds keeping as needed;
  • Maintains and makes repairs to sprinkler systems; 
  • Performs basic maintenance of a complex primary/secondary and tertiary treatment systems. 
  • Performs basic mechanical maintenance at potable and wastewater facilities such as pump stations, pressure regulators, lift station and solids handling;
  • Performs general building and plant custodial duties including minor repairs as directed; 
  • Originates work orders and completes preventative maintenance on a variety of equipment across District sites;
  • Cleans and paints equipment, valves and piping structures as required;
  • Operates dump trucks, tractors, boom trucks, and other such equipment; 
  • Performs routine inspections and preventative maintenance of various equipment, tanks, structures, air-handling equipment, including checking for damage, oil leaks, excessive noise or abnormal conditions and keeps supervisor informed of systems status and conditions; 
  • Performs limited maintenance tasks for solar generation equipment, visual panel and equipment inspections, PV cable management, weed abatement and dust management around solar fields and electrical equipment; 
  • Performs limited work, determined by task-specific qualification, on low voltage circuits using proper lockout/tagout procedures;
  • Assists qualified electrical workers with various installation jobs, including trenching, conduit runs and wire pulling; and
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 

 Maintenance Technician II

In addition to all duties of the Maintenance Technician I, the Maintenance Technician II shall:

  • Troubleshoot and repair pump and motor bearings, seals, pump packing, seal water lines, motor couplings, motor alignments, chemical pumps, double disc diaphragm pumps, aeration blowers, valves and pipe repairs; 
  • Removes and installs pumps and motors with various lifting mechanisms, including cranes and hoists, adhering to proper lifting and signaling protocols; 
  • Performs moderately difficult operation of light, medium and heavy construction equipment such as a backhoe, man lift, front loader, small crane and trailer; 
  • Receives on-the-job training in more difficult equipment operations; 
  • Performs tasks in proper sequence and without direction; 
  • Performs semi-skilled and skilled manual tasks to check, test, troubleshoot, service, repair, rebuild, install and align facility and pump station pumps, electrical motors, air compressors, drive units and gear boxes, tank chains, sprockets, skimmers and center columns;
  • Disassembles, inspects, determines damage, observes and notes reoccurrence of similar failures and recommends improvements to preventative maintenance schedules and tasks;
  • Troubleshoots electrical motors and controls;
  • Reads and interprets electrical schematics conducts insulation resistance testing for motor leads and windings; 
  • Makes up motor lead terminations and verifies proper rotation; 
  • Performs thermography testing and other motor control preventative maintenance functions; and
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Maintenance Technician I

Knowledge of:

  • Common grounds keeping and facility maintenance tools and methods;
  • Proper selection and use of tools and equipment used in the repair and maintenance of pumps, electrical motors, valves, and pipeline equipment;
  • Basic English usage, oral and written; and
  • Basic safety practices, including lockout/tagout procedures.

Ability to:

  • Operate grounds keeping equipment;
  • Perform custodial duties;
  • Operate a vehicle observing legal and defensive driving practices;
  • Use tools and make repairs to pumps, electrical motors, valves and motors;
  • Make accurate inspections of operating equipment, and assess the basic operational condition of the water, wastewater and recycled water equipment;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instructions;
  • Maintain accurate records;
  • Recognize unusual or dangerous basic operating conditions and take rapid appropriate action;
  • Move heavy hoses and pumps from various tanks to pump out flows, then clean out debris, grit and sludge in each tank; and
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Maintenance Technician II

Knowledge of:

In addition to the knowledge of a Maintenance Technician I:

  • Computerized maintenance management system recordkeeping procedures;
  • Various types of pumps, motors, and valves commonly used in water/wastewater treatment and distribution;
  • General understanding of the water/wastewater trade;
  • Knowledge of tools, equipment and methods used in the repair and maintenance of pumps, electric motors, valves and pipeline equipment;
  • Safety precautions, including lockout/tagout procedures for energy source isolation, especially related to electrical power circuits for distribution, controls, and motors; and
  • Strong understanding of pumps, motors, valves and pipelines equipment

 Ability to:

In addition to the ability of a Maintenance Technician I:

  • Work productively on varied tasks without immediate supervision and guidance;
  • Perform semiskilled and limited skilled work in potable, recycled and wastewater maintenance and mechanical work;
  • Use hand tools, precision measuring devices, and metal fabrication tools skillfully;
  • Operate light, medium and heavy equipment effectively in standard operations; and 
  • Effectively, and independently troubleshoot water, wastewater and recycled water equipment problems.

Licenses and Certification

  • Possession of a valid and appropriate California driver’s license
  • Plant Maintenance Technologist I certification
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I
  • (PM) Mechanical Technologist II certification (PMW II)

EDUCATION, Training and Experience

Education: High school graduation or GED.

Training & Experience:

Maintenance Technician I

One year of experience performing grounds keeping and routine building maintenance work involving the use of hand and power tools and the performance of strenuous manual labor. 

Maintenance Technician II

Three years of responsible and varied experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of a potable water treatment and/or distribution system equipment, or wastewater and/or recycled water system equipment; or three years of experience at or equivalent to the level of Maintenance Technician I at Fallbrook Public Utility District from which the incumbent has acquired the knowledge and abilities listed above.

Physical Demands

Walking:         Moves about on foot often through uneven terrain.

Carrying:         Transports objects by holding them in hands or arms.

Handling:        Seizes, holds or works with hands; specifically operating valves, adjusting control knobs, hand and power tools, computer, and calculator.

Lifting:            Raises and lowers pumps, motors, hoses, and miscellaneous awkward objects.

Reaching:        Extends hands and arms in any direction.

Pulling:            Manipulates hoses up to four inches in diameter and up to forty feet in length.

Stooping:         Bends body downward and forward by bending at the knees or waist.

Climbing:        Ascends and descends ladders up to 50 feet in height.

Vision:            Reads work tickets, meters, meter dials, reservoir levels, data sheets, video messages, scales and gauges and operates District vehicles.

Sitting:            Drives (often over rough terrain) and sits in District vehicles for up to four hours per day.

Talking:           Communicates by radio and in person.

Hearing:          Hears well enough to receive communication by radio and in person.


Lifting:            Up to 100 pounds; infrequent exertion.

Dragging/Pushing:       Up to 100 pounds; infrequent exertion.

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Recruiter Information:

John Marchetta