Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water)

Inspector I

Onsite - Santa Clarita, CA
Application Deadline: 6/19/24

Inspector I

Salary: $85,155.20 – $103,771.20 Annually

Location: Santa Clarita, CA

Job Type: Full-time regular

Job Number: 2024-000013

Department: Engineering

Opening Date: 05/22/2024

Closing Date: 6/19/2024 5:30 PM Pacific

The Position

Full-Time Position

FLSA: Non-Exempt 


Initially under immediate and then general supervision, performs routine inspections of  construction projects for compliance with approved engineering standards; performs routine semi-skilled and technical construction inspection work for water system and other public works construction projects; ensures compliance with federal, state, local and agency codes and standards and contractual provisions; conducts and administers the agency’s Cross-Connection Control Program; ensures backflow devices are functioning properly and makes inspections for possible sources of contamination or pollution to the public water supply; makes adjustments and repairs when necessary; ensures a safe, continuous, and adequate water supply to the customer; reviews backflow testing work; monitors, promotes, and enforces adherence to state and county regulations and/or ordinances pertaining to back pressure, back-siphonage and cross-connections throughout the distribution potable water and recycled water systems; and performs other related duties as required.


The Inspector I is the entry level of the Inspector class series. This class is distinguished from Inspector II in that the Inspector I class performs the more routine duties assigned to the series. Incumbents at this level are not expected to perform with the same independence of direction and judgment as incumbents assigned to the Inspector II level. Inspector I is the entry-level class and is flexibly staffed with the Inspector II class. The Inspector II is the journey level class in the Inspector series. Incumbents assigned to this class possess the qualifications necessary to perform inspections of a moderately complex nature and scope. This class is distinguished from the next higher classification of Senior Inspector which performs inspection related work on the more complex and larger scale projects and serves as the coordinator of the agency’s water recycling program.


Receives immediate and then general supervision from the Inspector Supervisor. Exercises no direct supervision over staff.

Examples of Duties


Management reserves the right to add, modify, change, or rescind the work assignments of different positions and to make reasonable accommodations so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions of the job.

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Develops and maintains the agency’s Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP) in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines and regulations.
  • Implements and maintains a computerized cross connection control program and database to track and inspect all existing cross connections within the agency’s distribution system.
  • Inspects installations of both new and existing cross-connection control devices and recycled water facilities; coordinates with SCVWA operations, Department L.A. County Health, contractors and/or property owners or their representatives.
  • Investigates water quality concerns where cross connection contamination is suspected.
  • Inspects existing backflow assemblies ensuring compliance with current federal, state, and local regulations, codes, and ordinances.
  • Keeps current records of all backflow testing within agency’s distribution system.
  • Prepares and provides educational cross-connection control information to business owners, agencies, and residences served by agency.
  • Enforces cross connection regulations in compliance with Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and State Water Resources Control Board Title 17 & 22 regulations.
  • Surveys and inspects customer service connections for cross connections in both potable and recycled water projects.
  • Issues correction notices and/or stop work notices for non-compliance with agency’s CCCP and recommends solutions to correct deficiencies.
  • Determines the proper level of potential cross connection risk to the potable water system; identifies deficiencies, makes, and implements corrective actions.
  • Performs inspections of cell sites, new water facilities, fire flows.
  • Prepares and files applications for new recycled water service with the appropriate reviewing/granting agencies.
  • Performs service shutdowns in coordination with backflow tests and/or recycled water system site inspections and pressure tests.
  • Performs and/or directs the testing of backflow assemblies as required by the agency’s CCCP.
  • Conducts routine inspections of construction projects, inspecting materials and workmanship to ensure compliance with approved plans, and specifications; inspects conditions prior to the start of construction, during construction, and upon completion.
  • Exhibits knowledge and understanding of AWWA procedures and SCVWA standards.
  • Inspects various types of routine construction such as water distribution systems, water storage facilities, cell sites and other related items all at various stages of construction; ensures proper and safe road construction traffic control.
  • Interprets and understands survey data to verify vertical and horizontal alignment, location of structures, elevation of pipe, structures and other utilities.
  • Observes and measures materials used in potable water and recycled water systems, underground improvements, facilities, and other agency capital projects.
  • Ensures proper installation and location of valves, services, hydrants and water lines; authorizes field changes in water system designs, as necessary.
  • Ensures that contractors follow safety procedures, AWWA procedures, SCVWA standards and regulations.
  • Checks construction for proper alignment and grade; observes pipeline installations for proper alignment, grade, jointing, and fixtures; interprets plans and specifications; notes corrections and issues notices requiring modifications to work in progress.
  • Reviews plans and specifications of assigned project.
  • Confers with property owners regarding project schedule, hazards, and inconvenience; inspects adjacent properties for damage from construction activity.
  • Monitors and reviews dig alerts as needed; may be required to identify and mark location of agency underground facilities using plans and/or personal knowledge of area; re-marks lines when requested by contractor.
  • Prepares and maintains a variety of records, logs and reports; maintains as-built notes for each set of construction plans.
  • Operates and uses a variety of hand tools, instruments, testing kits, pressure gauges, valve keys and related equipment. 
  • Establishes positive working relationships with representatives of community organizations, state/local agencies, agency management and staff, and the public.
  • Attends a variety of meetings and conferences; plans and conducts pre-construction conferences, as necessary.
  • Operates a computer and assigned software.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


Position requires sitting, standing, walking on level and slippery surfaces, reaching, twisting, turning, kneeling, bending, stooping, squatting, crouching, grasping, and making repetitive hand movement in the performance of daily duties. The position also requires both near and far vision when inspecting work and operating assigned equipment. The need to lift, carry, and push tools, equipment, and supplies weighing 25 pounds or more is also required. Additionally, the incumbent in this outdoor position works in all weather conditions, including wet, hot, and cold. The nature of the work also requires the incumbent to climb ladders, use power and noise producing tools and equipment, drive motorized vehicles, work in heavy vehicle traffic conditions, and often work with constant interruptions.

Some of these requirements may be accommodated for otherwise qualified individuals requiring and requesting such accommodations.

Minimum Qualifications

QUALIFICATIONS (The following are minimal qualifications necessary for entry into the classification.)

Education and/or Experience

Any combination of education and experience that has provided the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for an Inspector I. A typical way of obtaining the required qualifications is to possess:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent GED, supplemented by college level course work in mathematics, engineering or related fields or specialized training in a related field.
  • Minimum of two(2) years of increasingly responsible experience in water distribution operations and installation.
  • An understanding of Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP). 

Licenses and Certifications

  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid Class C California driver’s license. Individuals who do not meet this requirement due to a physical disability will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Possession of a valid Grade II Distribution Operator’s certification issued by the California Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water, is required within twelve (12) months of employment.
  • Possession of a valid Grade I Treatment Operator’s certification issued by the California Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water, is desired.
  • Possession of a Los Angeles County Health Department Backflow Prevention Device Tester’s License is required within (12) months of employment.
  • Possession of a Cross Connection Specialist Certification is required within (12) months of employment. .

KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES(The following are a representative sample of the KSA’s necessary to perform essential duties of the position.) 

Knowledge/Skills of:

  • Basic fundamentals of engineering and construction methods such as contracts, plans, regulations, documentation, reporting, material types, installation, and testing procedures.
  • Water treatment and distribution techniques, rules, regulations, equipment and technologies. 
  • Explain, interpret, and enforce codes and regulations firmly, tactfully, and impartially.
  • Practices, principles, and techniques of cross-connections. 
  • Basic legal requirements of cross-connections. 
  • Principles, methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in water quality testing. 
  • Principles and practices of California water quality codes and regulations. 
  • Backflow prevention testing regulations. 
  • Proper construction techniques and use of materials. 
  • Read and understand engineering plans and specifications. 
  • Properly inspect workmanship and materials. 
  • Understand and follow verbal and written directions. 
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 
  • Make proper field decisions and interpretations. 
  • Determine the status of construction work and verify adherence to contractual obligations. 
  • Basic mathematics including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. 
  • Basic soil mechanics and geology. 
  • Traffic control in work areas. 
  • Agency procedures for the conduct of inspections and reporting of deficiencies.
  • Applicable federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations. 
  • Methods and techniques of scheduling work assignments. 
  • Modern office procedures, practices, methods, and equipment, including a computer and applicable software. 
  • Methods and techniques for record keeping and report preparation. 
  • Proper English, spelling, and grammar. 
  • Occupational hazards and standard safety precautions and practices.
  • Operate a variety of tools and equipment used in construction inspection.
  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.

Ability to:

  • Enforce state, county and/or local cross-connection control regulations and rules through investigation and identification of non-compliance and seek resolutions. 
  • Interpret, apply, and enforce pertinent rules and regulations. 
  • Perform and/or direct the testing of backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Interpret and explain cross-connection and recycled water regulations. 
  • Inspect, test, repair and maintain backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Read, understand and interpret construction plans, irrigation plans drawings, and specifications. 
  • Approve submittals of backflow prevention assemblies. 
  • Interpret, apply and enforce pertinent rules and regulations. 
  • Prepare and maintain a variety of records.
  • Evaluate water use and determine type of hazard the approve type of backflow needed for that particular use. 
  • Inspect and analyze construction procedures and interpret code violations. 
  • Recognize deviations from such plans in the construction process. 
  • Detect and locate faulty materials and workmanship and determine the state of construction during which defects are most easily found and remedied. 
  • Accurately perform water sampling within established guidelines. 
  • Perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately. 
  • Organize, prioritize, and follow-up on work assignments. 
  • Work independently and as part of a team. 
  • Operate a computer and assigned software.
  • Make sound decisions within established guidelines. 
  • Follow written and oral directions. 
  • Observe safety principles and work in a safe manner. 
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. 
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Selection Process


Read the job notice thoroughly, note the minimum requirements of the position, and compile any information or documents necessary for the application. Complete and submit your application along with supporting documents such as resume and cover letter. It is important that your application is complete and thorough. Please include all requested information including education, certifications, and relevant experience.

Be advised that, while you may submit a resume with your application, resumes will not be accepted in lieu of an application. Incomplete applications will likely be rejected.


Human Resources administers the Agency’s recruitment procedures to ensure a fair and unbiased selection. Applications may be removed from the process if they are incomplete or where the applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications. Accepted applicants will interview before an unbiased, multiparty interview and scoring panel. Interviewed applicants will be scored on areas such as education, experience, demonstrated qualifications, communication skills, and interview presentation, among others. While seniority is considered, the Agency will choose the best qualified candidate regardless of time at the Agency. The Agency strives to fill each position with the most qualified candidate.


Applicants will be provided notification electronically to the email provided in the application. To check the status of a submitted job application and to track the recruitment process, log in to by clicking the “Applicant Login” button on the Agency’s Job Opportunities page. Once you sign in, you will be directed to your Applications page where you can view the status of Submitted (and Incomplete) applications.


The Agency selects applicants on the basis of applicant qualifications and prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religious or political affiliation, creed, citizenship status, military service status, marital status, pregnancy, age (over 40), national origin, ancestry, medical condition, physical or mental disability, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local laws.


The Agency will make reasonable accommodations for disabilities, both in the application process and in the performance of the job. Any applicant who requires an accommodation in the application process should contact Human Resources for assistance.

Questions or concerns related to the Agency’s Equal Opportunity Employer policy or any request for reasonable accommodation should be directed to Human Resources at (661) 297-1600.

Recruiter Information: