Fallbrook Public Utility District

Environmental Compliance Technician

Onsite - Fallbrook, CA
Application Deadline: 5/20/24

PLEASE NOTE: This recruitment will remain open until the position is filled. Please consider applying as soon as possible to be included in the first review of applications, which will occur on May 20, 2024.


Range 26 – Grade I Environmental Compliance Inspector Certification (ECI I) = $43.62-$54.46 Hourly

Range 28 – ECI 1 + Wastewater Operator Grade I Certification = $45.82-$57.23 Hourly 

*All District positions are scheduled to receive a 3.6% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), effective July 1, 2024.


Under direction of the Chief Plant Operator, plans, organizes and has responsibility for ensuring that NPDES, Biosolids, recycled water, storm water, pretreatment and drinking water operations are in compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations; and performs related duties as assigned.

Class Characteristics

This position has lead-level responsibility with regulatory agencies such as the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Air Pollution Control District (APCD), California Air Resources Board (ARB), County Department of Environmental Health (DEH) and Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Positions in this class perform work which has variation and requires the exercise of technical judgment. The incumbent is expected to advise the Chief Plant Operator of compliance anomalies and staff performance problems observed.


  • Oversees NPDES and recycled water compliance with applicable regulations;
  • Ensures compliance with applicable regulations in environmental programs such as storm water, Biosolids reuse, air pollution control and hazardous materials reporting;
  • Act as primary liaison with regulatory agencies for regulatory compliance and inspections;
  • Prepares, reviews and submits required reports to regulatory agencies;
  • Understands, interprets, explains and applies Federal, State and local laws and regulations applicable;
  • Collects data, process reports and prepares concise summaries;
  • Recommends and implements changes to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as a result of regulatory changes;
  • Plans and organizes the workload of contract laboratories;
  • Supports water operations and construction environmental permits and assists with water quality compliance; and
  • Performs related duties as required.


Knowledge of:

  • Current Federal, State, and local regulations affecting NPDES, recycled water and Biosolids operations;
  • Role and procedures of the SWRCB and the RWQCB;
  • General state-wide permits for collections systems; recycled water and hydrostatic discharge;
  • Regulatory requirements for Biosolids, air pollution control, storm water, and hazardous materials reporting; and
  • Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint..

 Ability to:

  • Read, understand and explain rules and regulations, assess their impacts, and summarize them into reports;
  • Complete regulatory permit applications and support management in negotiations with regulatory policy makers and staff;
  • Manage multiple spreadsheets with a proficient understanding using Excel;
  • Maintain an organized records and filing system;
  • Assists Chief Plant Operator with preparing a budget for contract monitoring and permit requirements;
  • Take samples and perform inspections in the field;
  • Assist in laboratory at times;
  • Operate a vehicle while observing legal and defensive driving practices;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instruction; and
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Licenses and Certification

  • Possession of a valid and appropriate California driver’s license.
  • Desired: Possession of a Wastewater Operator Grade I Certification.
  • Desired: Possession of a Grade I Environmental Compliance Inspector Certification.
  • Desired: Possession of a Laboratory Analyst Certification Grade 1-4.
  • Desired: Possession of a Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner Certification.


Education, Training and Experience

·       High School Graduation or GED; 

·       A bachelor’s degree in a related field is highly desirable; and

·       Minimum of three years of experience in environmental and regulatory compliance.  



Physical Demands

  • Walking: Moves about on foot often through uneven terrain.
  • Carrying: Transports objects by holding them in hands or arms.
  • Handling: Seizes, holds or works with hands; specifically operating valves, adjusting control knobs, hand and power tools, computer and calculator.
  • Lifting: Raises and lowers pumps, motors, hoses, and miscellaneous awkward objects.
  • Reaching: Extends hands and arms in any direction.
  • Pulling: Manipulates hoses up to four inches in diameter and up to forty feet in length.
  • Stooping: Bends body downward and forward by bending at the knees or waist.
  • Climbing: Ascends and descends ladders up to 50 feet in height.
  • Vision: Reads work tickets, meters, meter dials, reservoir levels, data sheets, and gauges and operates District vehicles.
  • Sitting: Drives (often through rough terrain) and sits in District vehicle.
  • Talking: Communicates by cell phone, desk phone, radio and in person.
  • Hearing: Hears well enough to receive communication by desk phone, cell phone, radio, and in person.

Physical Strength

  • Lifting: Up to 50 pounds, infrequent exertion.
  • Dragging: Up to 100 pounds; infrequent exertion.

Environmental Conditions

  • Noise: Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.
  • Temperature/Weather: Works outside with variations of temperature and weather.
  • This position may include periodic to frequent disagreeable working conditions including dirt, fumes, vibration, heat, cold, dampness, sewage, wastewater solids and hazardous chemicals.

Protective Devices Required

  • Hard hat, gloves, safety shoes, District uniform, respirator, hearing protection, safety glasses and chemical suits.

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