Fallbrook Public Utility District

Engineering Technician

Onsite - Fallbrook, CA
Application Deadline: 6/16/24

PLEASE NOTE: This recruitment will remain open until the position is filled. A first review of applications will take place June 16, 2024. So, for earliest consideration, please submit an employment application and supplemental questionnaire online before this date.

*All District positions are scheduled to receive a 3.6% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), effective July 1, 2024.

Engineering Technician I Salary Range

16 = No Certification = $34.07 – $42.55

17 = D2 = $34.92 – $43.62

Engineering Technician II Salary Range

20 = D2 = $37.61 – $46.97

21 = D2 and T1 = $38.55 – $48.14

Engineering Technician III Salary Range

26 = D2 and T1 = $43.62 – $54.46

27 = D2 and T2 = $44.71 – $55.83


This series specification describes three classes under the direction of the Engineering Manager, which per­form a wide variety of routine computer aided drafting, simple entry-level recordkeeping, specialized tasks including but not limited to project investigations and surveys, lay-out and design of water/wastewater systems, preparation of estimates, maps and reports for construction, alteration, and maintenance of the water/wastewater utility system and related work as required.


Engineering Technician I

Performs routine drafting work and simple entrance-level engineering record keeping, serve the public over the telephone and at a counter by responding to inquiries; researching maps and other sources; locating and marking existing utilities. Incumbents must be aware of engineering terminology, maps and plans to provide information. Incumbents maintain files and records and perform routine drafting to update map plans and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Positions in this class perform work which has some variation in the drafting work and which requires tact and patience in communicating with the public.

Engineering Technician II

Assigned duties which require considerable experience and knowledge in the areas of public contact, design/drafting and surveying 

Engineering Technician III

Regularly assigned to train lower level personnel in the performance of specified work . Positions at this level perform work which has considerable variation and which requires the application of judgment in the selection of appropriate work methods, materials and procedures. Incumbents receive general instructions when tasks are assigned and are expected to determine the appropriate procedures and materials necessary to complete the project unless significant unanticipated problems are encountered. Positions at this level may be underfilled at the Engineering Technician II level, for purposes of training.

Examples of Duties

Engineering Technician I

  • Maintains and develops routine Auto-CAD drafting and GIS records, entering information from field ties to maps, plans and other records;
  • Updates maps on street and utility improvements, vacations and easements;
  • Lays out graphs, maps, plans and other drawings;
  • Prepares miscellaneous illustra­tive material;
  • Plots and drafts plan and profile sheets from field sur­vey books and survey data;
  • Prepares drawings of existing improvements, rights-of-way and other utilities using field survey notes, maps, survey data and photographs;
  • Drafts details of structures from oral or written instructions;
  • Drafts working plans, drawings and tracings;
  • Draws detailed plans, elevations and other portions of land development sketches to scale;
  • Generates work orders;
  • May locate and mark existing utility line locations;
  • Takes water samples;
  • Performs routine field work, such as assisting higher level personnel on surveys;
  • Prepares, updates, drafts, retrieves and files District maps, plans and records;
  • Draws easements from legal descriptions;
  • Completes water meter and sewer applications, determines meter and sewer permit fees and setbacks and answers questions from customers;
  • Locates meters and other facilities in the field and enters onto maps and plans;
  • Data entry;
  • Drafts maps, charts, diagrams, graphs and tables as they apply to various engineering drawings;
  • Compiles varied, routine data for drafting projects;
  • Arranges for duplication of drawings;
  • Receives survey corrections;
  • Drafts changes on existing maps;
  • Provides assistance to the public in finding information regarding the location of existing records and improvements;
  • Reads water and sewer maps to locate laterals, lines and depths;
  • Reads maps to determine acreage, front footage, easements and similar information;
  • Provides clerical support;
  • Indexes catalogs, cross references and maintains files of engineering maps and drawings;
  • Mounts materials for presentations and exhibits;
  • FIles and retrieves maps, plans and drawing;
  • Researches records and documents at county offices;
  • Operates calculators, photocopiers, plotter and other office equipment;
  • Operates District vehicles; and
  • Performs related work as required.

 Engineering Technician II

  • In addition to the duties of the Engineering Technician I:
  • Prepares, updates, drafts, retrieves and files District maps, plans and records;
  • Provides technical engineering support to the Assistant General Manager via the Engineering Manager;
  • Lays out pipeline installations;
  • Serves as an instrument person on a pipeline survey drafts maps, charts, diagrams, graphs and tables as they apply to various engineering drawings;
  • Compiles varied, rou­tine data for AutoCAD drafting projects;
  • Designs non-complex installations for review;
  • Inspects new construction; and
  • Performs related work as required exercising more autonomy and responsibility than that of the Engineering Technician I classi­fication.

 Engineering Technician III

  •  In addition to all duties of Engineering Technician II, serves as assistant to supervisor providing advanced technical support and is acting supervisor in his absence;
  • Trains, instructs, and as assigned, corrects the work of crew members, ensuring that accepted work and Safety methods are practiced;
  • Reports to the State Health Department on annual and monthly District water quality monitoring and testing;
  • Produces the Annual Progress Report for Recycled Water Loan for the State Water Resources Control Board;
  • Prepares monthly reports to San Diego County Water Authority and Metropolitan Water District;
  • Assigns job numbers;
  • Establishes and maintains job files;
  • Maintains the District water use history file;
  • Processes development plans and reviews for completeness;
  • Inspects new construction;
  • Maintains capital construction file/status;
  • Computes quantities of and lists materials needed for various pro­jects;
  • Prepare construction estimates and complete quantities and list materials for construction projects;
  • Write and review legal descriptions;
  • Coordinate developer and San Diego County projects;
  • Maintains sewer permit log;
  • Creates line flushing schedule for collection crew; and
  • Performs related work as required.


Engineering Technician I

Knowledge of:

  • Drafting methods and equipment;
  • Common engineering symbols;
  • Intermediate mathematics;
  • Basic AutoCAD & GIS programs;
  • Accurate record keeping methods;
  • Appropriate safety precautions and procedures.
  • English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  • Basic cartography, map interpretation and scale representation on maps;
  • Algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry and basic statistics;
  • Engineering record keeping methods;
  • Excel, Word and graphics computer software

 Ability to:

  • Draft details of structures from oral or written instructions;
  • Operate basic AutoCAD and GIS programs;
  • Compose documents in Word and create spreadsheets in Excel;
  • Make neat and accurate drawings;
  • Transpose accurate drawings and diagrams from data;
  • Read plans and maps;
  • Read, understand and apply moderately difficult materials;
  • Maintain detailed engineering records;
  • Make accurate mathematical calculations;
  • Read, maps, plans and legal descriptions;
  • Maintain accurate engineering and financial records;
  • Operate a vehicle observing legal and defensive driving practices;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instructions;
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work. 

Engineering Technician II

Knowledge of: 

  • In addition to the knowledge of an Engineering Technician I: 
  • Moderately difficult cartography, map interpretation and scale representation on maps;
  • Algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics;
  • Intermediate AutoCAD and GIS programs;
  • Operation of basic PC spreadsheet and word processing programs;
  • Read and draft legal descriptions.

Ability to: 

  • In addition to the ability of an Engineering Technician I:
  • Perform engineering drafting;
  • Operate AutoCAD and GIS programs at the intermediate level;
  • Perform accurate construction and property surveys;
  • Write accurate legal descriptions.      

 Engineering Technician III

 Knowledge of: 

  • In addition to the knowledge of an Engineering Technician II:
  • Knowledge of team leadership and training;
  • Advanced AutoCAD and GIS programs;
  • Principles of report writing;
  • Project scheduling;
  • Applicable laws and codes.

Ability to: 

  • In addition to the abilities of an Engineering Technician II:
  • Assign, monitor, inspect, train and correct the work of assigned employees;
  • Estimate materials for assigned projects;
  • Construction inspection and plan check;
  • Operate AutoCAD and GIS programs at the advanced level;
  • When assigned, serve as liaison between Engineering Manager and other agencies, private firms, contractors, the public, and other governmental jurisdictions, including San Diego County Water Authority, Metropolitan Water District, the Regional Water Quality Control Board and San Diego County Department of Public Works.

Licenses and Certification

  • Possession of a valid and appropriate California driver’s license.
  • Possession of a Water Distribution Operator Grade II (D2) is required at the Engineering Technician II level.
  • Possession of a Water Distribution Operator Grade II (D2) and Water Treatment Operator Grade I (T1) is required at the Engineering Technician III level.

EDUCATION, Training and Experience

Education: High school graduation or GED.

Training & Experience:

Engineering Technician I

Any combination of training, education and experience which demonstrates possession of the knowledge and abilities stated above and the ability to perform the duties of the position. A typical qualifying entrance background is engi­neering office work which involves reading maps, plans and legal descriptions, using engineering terminology, or pro­cessing real property transaction and basic knowledge and ability to operate AutoCAD and GIS programs.

Engineering Technician II

Experience at or equivalent to the level of Engineering Technician I in the Fallbrook Public Utility District from which the in­cumbent has acquired the knowledge and abilities listed above.

Engineering Technician III

Five years of experience at or equivalent to the level of Engineering Technician II in the Fallbrook Public Utility District from which the in­cumbent has acquired the knowledge and abilities listed above.


Physical Demands

Walking:      Moves about on foot often through uneven terrain.

Carrying:      Transports objects by holding them in hands or arms.

Hands/Arms:   Signals for surveying duties, operates survey equipment, drafting instruments, computer and calculator.

Handling:     Seizes, holds or works with hands.

Reaching:     Extends hand and arms in any direction.

Lifting:             Raises or lowers surveying equipment and map books.

Stooping:      Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist often while operating surveying equipment.

Climbing:     In and out of trenches; ascends and descends ladders up to 50 feet in height; ascends and descends slope of dam up to 100 feet.

Vision:       Reads written and video messages, specifically work tickets, legal descriptions, maps, distance and azimuth and operates District vehicles.

Talking:       Communicates by radio, telephone and in person.

Hearing:      Hears well enough for safety in and around construction sites and to receive communication by radio, telephone and in person.

Sitting:       Remains seated at computer desk for up to 9 hours per day; rides in District vehicles over rough terrain.

Standing:      Surveys and provides customer service for up to 9 hours per day.


Lifting:       Up to 50 pounds daily; frequent exertion.


Noise:        Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.

Temperature/Weather:  Works outside with variations of temperature and weather.

This position may include periodic to frequent disagreeable working conditions including noise, dirt, fumes, vibration, heat, cold, dampness and hazardous chemicals. 

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All applications and supplemental questionnaires will be evaluated in relation to the criteria outlined in this job announcement. The selection process may consist of an appraisal interview, writing exercise, and/or other appropriate screening devices.

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Recruiter Information:

John Marchetta