Sierra Park Water Company, Inc

Business Manager

Remote - Mi-wuk Village, CA
$25K - $75K Annually
Application Deadline: 5/31/24


The Business Manager is responsible for all administrative functions of the Sierra Park Water Company (Company), including compliance reporting to the State Water Resources Control Board and the California Public Utilities Commission; financial management and reporting, contract management, facilities management, billing, and customer service. Provides support and assistance to the Board of Directors. Performs additional duties as required.


As an independent contractor, reports directly to the Board of Directors. Responsibilities are complex in nature and require close coordination with the Chief Operator and Company Engineer/Project Manager to support a sustainable business providing reliable, high-quality  drinking water to the Sierra Park Community. No direct supervision; however, strong leadership skills are required.


Duties include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • ·      Ensures regulatory compliance of all Company activities with state, local, and federal laws; prepares and files reports, as required.
  • ·      Prepares, evaluates, and monitors financial reports, develops short and long-term financial strategies; in coordination with Company Engineer, prepares and maintains Capital Improvement Plan; seeks opportunities for outside funding and prepares grant applications.
  • ·      Develops recommendations to the Board of Directors for adopting policies and procedures based on best practices that are reasonable for a small Class D water utility company; advises the Board on adopting its annual priorities.
  • ·      Implements Board policies and directives and communicates them to the shareholders and customers;
  • ·      Serves as the principal spokesperson for the Company; represents the Company at professional functions; oversees customer/consumer/shareholder information and education programs;
  • ·      Analyzes, summarizes and presents information to Board of Directors; attends Board meetings, makes recommendations for Board actions, solicits input from community/shareholders and customers.
  • ·      Organizes and maintains all Company records, data and information.
  • ·      Manages contracts, and service agreements for regulatory compliance and facilities maintenance. Manages contractors and consultants ensuring Company standards, policies, and directives are upheld.
  • ·      Manages and oversees the billing process, including water usage information.
  • ·      Manages and oversees the Company’s water conservation plan.
  • ·      Manages and oversees the Company’s tariff book (i.e., rates and terms of service) under all CPUC compliance rules and regulations; prepares General Rate Cases on a regular schedule (e.g., every three or four years).
  • ·      Prepares information for a regular newsletter and maintains current information for posting on the Company website.
  • ·      Provides customer service support, responding to inquiries and resolving complaints within a timely manner; prepare delinquency notifications and water shut-off, when required.
  • ·      Plans, directs and coordinates services, activities and operations of all facilities, equipment and minor projects; coordinates with Company Engineer/Project Manager, as needed, to support on capital improvement construction projects.


 Education and Experience:

Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Public Administration, Business Administration or similar discipline. Ten years of experience in a water district or similar agency.

 Knowledge of:

  • ·      Day-to-day maintenance, operations, structure, and function of water distribution systems
  • ·      Budget development, analysis, and financial strategies
  • ·      Long-range planning
  • ·      Regulatory and legal requirements of a regulated water utility
  • ·      Technology related to water resource and business management
  • ·      Mathematics, science, and chemistry

Ability to:

  • ·      Communicate and interact effectively both with diverse individuals and with groups of people with conflicting interests
  • ·      Plan, organize, schedule, and coordinate activities and set priorities under changing
  • conditions
  • ·      Establish and maintain effective, pleasant and cooperative working relationships with Board members, other contractors, consultants, agency officials, customers and members of the community
  • ·      Oversee and evaluate the work of third-party contractors and consultants to ensure quality standards are met

Skill In:

  • ·      Thinking through complex issues and recommending sound alternatives and solutions
  • ·      Water resource and conservation management
  • ·      Negotiating contracts
  • ·      Principles and practices of business management
  • ·      Verbal and written communication
  • ·      Multitasking

Licenses/Certificates: Possession of a Water Distribution Operator’s license is desired, but not required; possession of a valid California driver’s license with a safe driving record.


Incumbent must be able to function in an office and field environment in work of a sedentary to moderately active nature, and perform the following, with or without reasonable accommodation:

  • ·      Utilize vision, hearing and speech
  • ·      Utilize manual and finger dexterity
  • ·      Walk on smooth and/or uneven surfaces
  • ·      Climb ladders or steep surfaces
  • ·      Stand upright and/or forward flexing
  • ·      Twist, turn, bend and reach
  • ·      Lift and/or carry 35 pounds maximum
  • ·      Work in areas subject to exposure to wet, damp surfaces; dusts, mists, fumes and high levels of noise; a variety of weather condition including snow; extremes of heat or cold
  • ·      Wear personal protective equipment

Recruiter Information:

Aileen Loe